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Home Hemodialysis is hemodialysis done at home. For the process of home hemodialysis, the hemodialysis machine, as well as RO plant, are installed at the home of the patient. Patients who choose to go for hemodialysis at home have the option to get frequent and longer dialysis treatments. This can help immensely in contributing to better patient outcomes.

What are the different treatment choices for home hemodialysis?

One major advantage of home hemodialysis is that it can be customized as per the patient’s health condition while also keeping his lifestyle in mind. Two different treatment choices for home hemodialysis include:

  • Short Daily Home Hemodialysis: In this type, home hemodialysis is performed five to six times a week where each session lasts two to three hours.
  • Traditional Home Hemodialysis: In this type, home hemodialysis is performed three times a week where each session lasts four hours.
How to decide if Home Hemodialysis is right for you?

If you are a patient of end-stage kidney disease, you should discuss with your kidney doctor (nephrologist) which treatment options are best for you. You can discuss with your doctor about home hemodialysis. Following points may be considered while choosing home hemodialysis:

  • You can dialyze in the comfort of your home
  • You can dialyze daily for shorter treatment times
  • You can administer your treatment with the help of your care partner
  • You can maintain an active lifestyle while dialyzing at home
  • You can save time by not having to travel to a dialysis center three days a week
  • You can follow a more liberal diet with home hemodialysis
What are the benefits of home hemodialysis?
  • Freedom to schedule dialyze around your life
  • Dialysis supplies at the doorstep of your home
  • Fewer trips to the dialysis center
  • Lesser side effects
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