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Incentre Hemodialysis At Partner Hospitals

Dialysis treatment comes with several different treatment options from which hemodialysis at a dialysis center or hospital is one of them. Dialysis care for end-stage kidney disease patients is very crucial. You can schedule your dialysis at one of our partner hospitals three to four times a week. Our Kidney Healers team will be available throughout your dialysis care to offer any kind of care or assistance that you may require. Some of the advantages of going for dialysis at a dialysis center or hospital include:

  • Complete administration by a trained kidney care professional
  • Knowledge enhancement by interacting with other dialysis patients and staff
  • Scheduled appointments only three to four times a week

Hemodialysis at a center is very beneficial for patients of kidney failure and disease. It can greatly improve your quality of life.

How does hemodialysis at a dialysis center work?

For in-center hemodialysis, our team looks after the complete administration of your dialysis care and treatment. Once you arrive at one of the partner hospitals, our team will be available to take care of you and other aspects of your treatment.

The dialysis care will start by cleaning  your access area by a Patient Care Technician. After that, you will be weighed and taken to your dialysis chair. Then, your blood pressure will be taken, both standing and sitting. The nurse will check your vitals and connect you to the dialysis machine.

The average time for a dialysis session is four hours approximately. During your dialysis, our team will monitor your blood pressure as well as the performance of the dialysis machine. Once the dialysis is done, they will disconnect you from the dialysis machine and monitor your vital signs again.

What can I do during my dialysis session?

You are free to do work on your laptop, read a book, watch a movie, or talk to other patients and staff. You can also sleep or do any other activity that is possible from the dialysis chair. you will be provided a 10 inch tablet with free wifi connectivity for use during your dialysis session so that you are able to enjoy the time spent during dialysis
You will also be served a complimentary delicious meal during the dialysis session, the menu for which is specially designed keeping in mind your health needs.

Who will look after me at the dialysis center?

Our Kidney Healers team will be available always during your dialysis sessions. They will ensure that all your dialysis sessions are easy-going and hassle-free. They will assist you with everything to make your experience more pleasant.

What is nocturnal dialysis?

Nocturnal Dialysis is very similar to hemodialysis but is done overnight. For patients who undergo nocturnal dialysis, their dialysis sessions typically begin in the evening and go up to 8 hours of treatment. During nocturnal dialysis, patients sleep while they are attached to the dialysis machine. Nocturnal dialysis also takes place three times a week just like hemodialysis.During the session, the patients can watch TV, work on the laptop, read a book or take a nap and do other things like watching television, etc. Once the session is complete, the patients can go home and start their day as they like.

How to book a dialysis session?

You can book a dialysis session by simply filling out a query form on our website. Our team will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and medical condition post which you can schedule your dialysis sessions at one of the partner hospitals of your choice at your convenience.

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