Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant in India.

Here is the basic concept of the kidney transplant in India. Let’s talk about the cost of the kidney transplant in India. The cost of the surgeries varies from hospital to hospital.

The cost is highly competitive when you compare the cost from the other countries.  India has a big amount of the network of the hospitals in its network. The cost of a kidney transplant in India is different because of the several factors such as the technology, expertise and so on.

You may think that the cost of the kidney transplant in India is lower than the other countries but it as effective than other countries.  Cost is the major factor why people from other countries come to India for their treatment.

City Avg Price (rs) Starting price  (rs) Price in (rs)
Banglore  6666667.00 3000000 10000000
Chennai 750000.00 500000 10000000
Hyderabad  957500.00 500000 20000000
Kolkata  790000.00 500000 1200000
Mumbai  76200.00 180000 1500000
New Delhi  425000.00 400000 480000
Pune . 6250000.00 400000 900000


Best kidney doctors in India | Kidney Transplant in India

Mohit Khatri

Dr. Mohit Khatri is a best known for kidney transplant in India. He is the most experienced doctor for kidney transplant in India.

Mohit Khatri completed his MBBS from Gandhi medical college. He is working in a well-known hospital in Inida and he is also associated with healthcare since 7 years now. He is now the famous Doctors Of  Gurgaon for kidney transplant.

He is presently working in three consecutive hospital of gurgaon. He is the leading doctor of the max hospital, paras hospital and Pratiksha Hospital.

If you are looking for the best kidney doctors of india for your treatment then you have finding a best doctors for the kidney then Dr Mohit Khatri is the best Doctors for The Kidney transplant.

Work experience

  • He is associated with the healthcare since 7 years.
  • He has also 3 year experience of other hospitals too. ‘


  • MBBS from the Gandhi Medical Collage
  • MD from Dept of Medicine, Gandhi Medical Collage
  • Diplomate of the national Board.


  • Participated in many National and international conferences.

Area of Interest

  • Renal Transplantation
  • Critical Care Nephrology

Duration of OPD

  • Max hospital, Gurgao


  • Indian society of Nephrology
  • Indian society of Haemodialysis
  • International society of Nephrology.




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