Best Hospital For The kidney Stone

Best hospital for the kidney stone

Kidney stone

Urine in the body consists of various minerals and saults. When you develop the high amount of the minerals and salts the kidney stones are building.

Best Treatment For Kidney Stone

It is too small in the starting but after sometimes its start growing.  Some stones stay in the kidney and never cause any problem.

Some stones are passing down the ureter and the tube between the kidney and the bladder. In the case, stone reached to the bladder then it will pass out of the body in the urine.

What are the symptoms of the kidney stone?

Here is the system that you must aware of.

  1. Pain from a kidney

There is the stone that stuck in the kidney that causes pain on the side of the abdomen.

  1. Renal colic

There are various pains that come and go and caused by a stone.

  1. Blood

Sometimes there is blood in urine that happen because the stone rubbing in of your ureter.

  1. Infection

In several cases, the urine infection has been seen

Risk factors

What is Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are common among the males. There are many people who face the kidney stone between the ages 30 to 50. If your family member faced this issue then there are chances that you can face too.  If you don’t take any action to prevent the kidney then it will grow and can harm your health.

There is a drug called topiramate commonly prescribed to a headache can increase the likelihood of kidney stone developing. Vitamin D and calcium also contribute to the kidney stone. There are many other factors too that affect the kidney stone such as obesity, high blood procedure and so on.

Best hospital for a kidney stone

W Pritksha Hospital

It offers highest standards in the heath with the help of the technology, experienced introduction to the education and training. In the last 25 years of the experience, we provided excellent treatment to more than thousands of clients.

It has every facility for the patient and believes in the privacy and transparent billing practices that help them to build the strong bonding with our clients. It also ensures that quality care come at the most affordable rate and it is easily accessible in India. It also becoming the medical destination for the national and international patients.

  1. Dr.MohitKhairbat


  • He is a nephrologist with more than 16 years of the experience
  • He attended many national and international conferences
  • He specializes in the kidney transplant, kidney stone treatment, dialysis and actual renal failure.
  • He is expert in the Critical care Nephrology


Work experience

  • Associated with the health care for 7 years.
  • He has also the 3-year experience of other hospitals too. ‘


  • MBBS, the Gandhi Medical College
  • MD, Dept of Medicine, Gandhi Medical College
  • Diplomate of the National Board.


How small is the kidney stone?

The smaller the kidney stone the more chances that it passes own. If it is less than the 5mm then there are 90% chances that it will pass without any invitation.

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