Cost of Kidney Transplant In India

Cost of kidney transplant in India

cost of kidney transplant in india-The kidney transplant cost in India allows every people and class from the world to get the best medical pair in the world. The process of the kidney transplantation requires the cost and making kidney transplantation to difficult afford for the some people.

Following are the list of the cities in which you can see the cost of the kidney transplant in India.

City Avg Price (rs) Starting price  (rs) Price upto (rs)
Banglore  6666667.00 3000000 10000000
Channai 750000.00 500000 10000000
Hyderabad  957500.00 500000 20000000
Kolkata  790000.00 500000 1200000
Mumbai  76200.00 180000 1500000
New Delhi  425000.00 400000 480000
Gurgaon . 6250000.00 400000 900000


Best hospital for kidney transplant

All India Institute of Medical sciences

It is started in the 1996 and fornephrology started in the 1969. There are many help provided by the government as illness assistance funds. It is performing more than 3 transplants in the week. There is a waiting period of the 2 to 3 months

Kidney transplant in Max Hospital

The kidney transplant has suggested those who are facing the end stage of the kidney disease. It is the decision of the family that they have to go for the dialysis or kidney transplant. The procedure is of kidney transplant is start with the laboratory test, blood group and physical test. The cost depend upon the varies factor and the donor might be the family member.

Kidney Transplant in Paras Hospital

The best thing about the forties hospital is it certified with the JCI $ NABH. It provides one of the best healthcare services in India.

There are many patients that recovered from the kidney transplant surgery;it gives the best quality of life.

Even the services of Fortis hospital are the best at providing the well-equipped dialysis machines and combined with the qualified doctors. The process continues up to four hours and performed every week.

Kidney transplant In Pratiksha Hospital

It is one of the best kidney transplant hospital for the kidney transplant. There are lots of international patient and the hospital performed nearly 1000 transplant operations.

It comes under the top 5 hospitals in India for the kidney transplant. It also provides the different type of the services and provides medical technologies with the world class nursing care.

It is one of the most affordable hospitals with 600 beds on it. There are lots of international patient that are satisfied with the transplants at Manipulable.

Coimbatore Kidney Hospital

It is one of the top hospitals in India. CKC is specialised in the 18000 dialysis. Packages are available for the surgical and medical treatments. Steroid free transplantation is one of the latest innovations from the hospital and it is helping in kidney transplantation and have the best facilities for the kidney stone.

There are many hospitals in India but the above are the best hospitals for the kidney transplant. Every hospital helps in the kidney transplantation at affordable rate. The cost varies from the hospital to hospital. Kidney transplant is one of the tough but it can worth it.



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