Best hospital for kidney transplant in India

Best hospital for kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant

It is the procedure that involves organ replacement of the person. There is a treatment for the when the kidney fails. The first is dialysis and the second is a transplant.

How many kinds of The kidney Transplant are there?

From a person alive:  if a living person gives you a kidney his kidney.  An alive person can be the family person.

From a deceased person:  a person who died might want to donate his kidney stone.

Here are the best hospitals for the kidney transplant.

Kidneyhealers Hospital

It is one of the well-known hospitals in India.  It is full of the multi facilities that provide the highest standard in the healthcare with the combination of the cutting edge technology as well as trained and educated doctors in the super specialty treatment. It has more than 25 years of experience of handling more than 1000 customers across the globe.


The specialty of the kidneyhealers hospital is they believe in the privacy. It must ensure the transplant billing practices.  It is also warm and provides the best healthcare services. It has several beds and personalized according to the patients as well as affordable stay options. It is one of the best options for the kidney transplant in India. Even it is the best for the national and international patients.


Expected cost

  1. Hemo dialysis and Medicines rs 15000
  2. Surgical disposition at transplantation: rs 35000
  3. Post renal transplantation & Medicine: rs 15000.


How do I know my kidney is working?

A doctor takes the blood test to know the kidney is working well or not. Before you leave you to need to take some drops of blood tests and the result will show that how well your kidney is working and removes the wasters from your site.

After the surgery you need to take the several check-ups and as the time goes the number of check-ups decreases. Blood test shows that your kidney is removing the wasters or not. If there is any symptom of rejecting blood then the doctor will suggest the biopsy.

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